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Boners of SixToed Voice Mail

Sometimes we receive some really funny and weird voice mails from people. This section was setup to share some of them with you. It will act something like the email section of the Whacked Mac Archives run by Space Rogue of the L0pht sellouts ;) If you feel so inclined please feel free to leave us a voice mail and maybe you'll be on the Boners of 6TVM. 1-877-815-7880 ext. 916. So with no further ado, I am honored to present you the Boners of 6TVM.

Update the website!#@ - Whoa! Okay bastard! I'll update the website every so once in a while you bastard! Later shithead!

DJ Linux is not safe - Dude if your unsafe what are you doing calling us? Please step away from the phone before someone gets hurt.

What was weird? - Well if I had to guess I think I would guess you buddy.

Nothing clever to say huh? - Nothing clever?!@ Nothing Clever?!@#? Well damn, what are we supposed to do now... Ah I know (muhahahaha).

Lamest Message - Wait what was lame? Our message or yours?

Do I... - Yeah okay only since you tried real hard.

Stephen Hawking - It has been a great honor to have Professor Stephen Hawking leave such a great voice mail on the SixToed system. Although, I'm not quite sure why he called Simon an ass ;)