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SixToed is Af8e4f5, SiMONSAYS, Logical Gambit, RandomS. We started this site to to share what we did and to give us another medium of expression. Af8e and SiMONSAYS are the original two of SixToed and have been hacking for about 6-7 years. Now we haven't been rooting things and doing all that kinda the whole time, but we have been building FM X-mitters, hacking walkie-talkie head sets to go farther and just figuring out how things work. So for the past 6 years we have been collecting parts of computers, phones and whatever else seemed to be of interest. More info on Lupus, Logical & RandomS if they provide it ;-)

Now we have at least ten computers to our name. They range from hacked notebooks to an albersons supermarket server (BigBertha Bertha), to high end macs and pcs. We have just as many components to go along with all of our computers. Not to mention the numerous telephones, beige boxes from Pac*Bell, and tons of yards of wire. We also have many random pecies of electrical and mechenical equpment. From slot cars and track to gutted phones to car counters (those silver boxes you see on the side of the road with rubber hose running accross the road). To aid in our projects we had to actuly bulid a large shed/small workshop. Whatever you call it, it houses all of our shit.

Enter our workshop | The Desk | Storage Cabinet | A Shelf | The Ceiling

As our "underground" activities grew we went through the anarchy/home explosive's stage. Once we got our hands on the Jolly Rodger's Cook Book that was it. Nothing escaped our napalm and beige boxing. The napalm led to failed attempts at pipe bomb's and the "burn everything" stage. Fortunately we grew out of that before we burnt down our workshop. One time while making smoke bomb's in the workshop over a sterno flame using a cut-up soda can as a pan we had such an incedent. Little did we know at the time was that the aluminum can wasn't quite strong enough to hold the melting sugar and saltpeter(sp?). To make a long store short, the bottom of the can melted out and the contents when plunging in to the burning sterno and all over the table top burn a hole in the formika and filling the shop with tons of smoke, not to mention scaring the hell out of us =P.

A Buildings Telephone Lines | SiMONSAYS @ Local BellCo | f0ne Box

Six Toed was created to to pay tribute to our good times and to share them with you. We wanted to share our interests with you in hopes you had the same ones as us. This is Six Toed.