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    D E F C O N 1 9 9 9
    Def Con July 9-11 Alexis Park Hotel Las Vegas

    Def Con is a premire hacking con(vention) held in Las Vegas, Nevada every summer since 1992. This year it will be held at the Alexis Park Hotel. There is no casino so people under 21 years of age will beable to get a room.

    NEW:This price of Def Con 7.0 has changed. It is now $50 at the door, or $40 if you preregister. To preregister send your name + check, cash or money order to:

    4505 University Way, NE #7
    Seattle, WA 98105

    Six Toed and Def Con 7.0
    This year members of Six Toed will be attending Def Con from California. Right now we have a carpool deally starting off in the 831 area code, proceeding south through the 805 area code, though the Los Angeles County area, then to Vegas via "Pimp" our yellow 1976 Dodge Ram van conversion. Peeps from Cali that are going are SiMONSAYS, Af8e 4f5, and Gamorra II. If you are interested in doing some sort of ride sharing/carpooling or caravaning let us know, Also if you are available to give rides to others that would be great. Again email us and let us know.

    (Offical Def Con web site
    Recently Updated 06/26/99

    FAQ's 'N' Shiznit
    Q: How much is it and how much should I bring?
    A: It will only cost you $50.00 americana at the door, or you can preregister for $40 bux. As for how much you should bring... bring enough for 3 days 2 nights of hotel rooms, money for food and atleast 40 bux to get in.

    Q: So when and where is it?
    A: In Las Vegas, Nevada from July 9th-11th 1999.

    Q: What can I expect at Def Con?
    A: There are cool games like Hackers Jeapordy and Social Engineering contests, prizes, capture the flag network, drunk hackers and such, FEDS =P, and speakers on various underground and security related topics.

    Q: I am not very good at hacking and such, so am I not allowed to go? And will I be made fun of?
    A: You can go if you would like. Def Con is meant to be a place where peeps can share interests etc... You might be made fun of but so will I =). If you are made fun of tell whomever is doing it to suck a dick and fuck off cause they are elitest bitches who would better the world if they were to commit suicide.

    Q: What was the capture the flag network you were talking about?
    A: Well, whoever wants to participate hooks up their box on this LAN they setup and the purpose of the game is to hack the other nodes on the network while keeping your box from being broken into.

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