Six Toed is about true hacking. NOT r00ting web servers to brag. We are for the exploration of technology and the quest to figure out how it works. We don't believe in platform bias and elitism. Hacking is about making technology do something it was not originally supposed to do.This is Six Toed, and this is who we are.

-Simon(Says), Af8e 4f5, Logical Gambit, RandomS

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SimonSays - Currently Simon is single, likes walks on the beach and foot rubs. He is looking for SF who is caring, likes clubbing and umm... Nevermind.

af8e 4f5 - One time this guy was hanging on the top of a phone tree trying to check it's boot... He got electricuted, dropped his MAGLIGHT, almost hitting Simon in the head. Not to mention he almost fell 20 or so feet down =P

Logical Gambit - After taking years of Break-dancing lessons and agressive street dancing classes he has been kicked out of his house for following his heart.

Random S - This guy likes pizza. Okay, he has more than a fondness for it... He is absolutely freakin' crazy about it. Random S has pizza everynight for dinner. Seriously. When he was a child, he used to lock himself in his room until his mother would fix pizza for dinner. It is really kinda scary...