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Miscellaneous is where we put alot of nothing. Basicly anything we want to share with peeps and shit. Pictures, chats, porno whatever. It's all good. Long live the Queen! Queen Bertha.

  • Pictures of SiMONSAYS and Af8e4f5 doing things.

  • By the powers of Grey Skull!

  • Some good ole fashion chat with buffalo.

  • Ever wonder whats behind a PO box?

  • A whole bunch of pictures from Def Con 7 of Six Toed crew and other peeps.

  • More pictures of the Six Toed kids.

  • Security advisory on iMail v5 for Windows NT by Simon

  • De_CSS mirror. You can get either the UNIX or Winblowz version of the code for remove Cascading Style Sheets *grin*.

  • Do you use software that utilizes tracking software made by Aureate? Find out if you have it and how to remove it.

  • A map to the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

  • A good friend smutch sent this to us. It is a conversation he had with a person at a local software retailer around here.

  • QueryToe allows you to query many search engines for the string 'SixToed'.

  • Macki from 2600 giving John Markoff the old heave-hoe ;-)