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Since we got lots of goodies in our workshop we are constantly busy with little things here and there. Not all of our projects are hardware orientated. We do play around with the software side of technology and shit too. And sometimes they have nothing to do with either of software or hardware. Sometimes we just put on our dark clothes and go out late at night and play around, messing with local Inn keepers and snooping around construction sites for goodies we can "barrow". As of now wer have two projects on going.

Local Mapping Project
NOTE: We have sorta scrapped this project, but whatevers... Help out if you can.

Here we have begun mapping local trunk lines around our area's. We hope to make this a resource for others to use in the future. So far our mapping is going on in San Luis Obispo, Carmel, Carmel Valley and Santa Cruz, California. Right now we do not have any of the maps online, but this does not prevent us from creating maps offline. We would like to include maps from your area aswell. If you would like to join our mapping project please contact us at 6tuser@ureach.com and we will set you up with the details.

Boronda Box
The story of the Boronda Box... Back in the day, when lill Simon and lill Af8e would sneak out of the house and night to run around wearing dark clothes, beige boxing the closest cross-back boxes to call porno numbers we had a dream. A dream that one day, there would be no wire hanging down from telephone pole, there would be no wire hanging out of the cross-back boxes. We just wanted a nice remote way of boxing. Now since we are capable of more than beige boxing we are fulfilling our dream. We decided to add more features than just remote calling etc... Check out the Boronda Box page for all the hip info.

What it is: Af8e and myself (Simon) are attempting to create a pirate radio station that will be largely internet orientated. Allowing people to act as remote dj's, conduct interview over the net, and hopefully even broadcast over the net too. We are still in the dev stages. We kinda broke our transmitter while attempting to tune it. Read our log file here.

Satillite Shits
Af8e and Simon found a satillite decoder, nic card and some sat. software. All we need now is the dish. There is a DSS dish in the paper for sale... We might pick it up and see what we can do. I know this isn't much of a project, but it's what we are doing... We'll keep you updated and post anything we can retrieve...